Welcome to Souris-Glenwood!

See Canada’s longest swinging bridge, our bridge, on Superstore’s new commercial!

A beautiful, fun, progressive community! You’ll find Souris-Glenwood is a wonderful place to visit, live, retire, and raise your family. Our amenities in health, education, sport and recreation help to provide a high quality of life for our residents. If you are coming for a visit, below is a list of our attractions you don’t want to miss:

Our active community of volunteers organize numerous events throughout the year to provide quality activities and entertainment for all ages such as town-wide yard sales, Canada Day events, fair and parade. Don’t miss these coming events:

  • Race Night, October 27th, Community Hall
  • Kappa Kristmas, November 3rd, Community Hall
  • Hobby Craft, November 18th, Community Hall

Our economy is agriculture based and over one half of our employment stems from three sectors: agriculture, healthcare, and education. We are a growing community and have seen significant investments in infrastructure made over the past few years.

Enjoy exploring our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.