Information Required when Applying for a Building Permit

The owner or an agent of the owner must complete a building permit application form. Information on the application form includes:

  • Identify and describe in detail the work being done (new, addition, alteration, renovation, repair, etc.)
  • Describe the land on which the work is to be done by a description that will readily identify and locate the building lot. (A survey certificate showing the proper corner pegs on the lot.)
  • In the case where there are pre-existing buildings on the land, a Building Location Certificate may be required to show the exact location of the buildings on the property.
  • State the value of the proposed work-Use and size of the building
  • Construction information (materials being used)
  • State the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the owners, architects, professional engineer or other designer, and contractors.
  • Drawings must be submitted with the complete building permit application to show what will be built.
    * The exact specifications for drawings are available at the Town Office.
  • Any additional information required or requested by the Building Inspector