Private Pools (over 24” deep or 60cm.)

While no building permit is required for an above ground swimming pool, the following regulations exist under the Manitoba Building Code:

  1. An outdoor private pool shall be enclosed with a fence or other suitable barrier constructed with the following requirements:
    1. A minimum height of 1.5m
    2. There shall be no openings, other than a door to a building or a gate as described in clause (c) and it shall not be possible for a child to crawl under either the fence or gate.
    3. Any gate shall be self closing, shall be at least 1.5m in height and shall be equipped with a lockable latch to prevent unauthorized entry.
    4. Where a chain link is used, the mesh size shall not exceed 50mm and the wire shall be at least number 11 gauge.
    5. Where other than chain link fence is used, the outside surface of the fence or gate shall be relatively smooth so as not to provide foot or toe holds.
    6. If, in the opinion of the Building Inspector, there is any undesirable feature pertaining to the enclosure, suitable steps shall be taken to correct the situation.