Cemetery & Family Responsibility

Cemetery Responsibility

Maintenance of the grounds is done by hired staff – from May to October of each year.

The Caretaker shall be responsible for the appearance, improvements, care and maintenance, operation and supervision of the cemetery, the lots and plots therein.

The S-G Cemetery staff will mow the grass over graves and trim growth around the headstones, but is not responsible for tending to any existing flowers.

The Cemetery staff shall have the right to remove any broken material, excess growth, or other material which, in the opinion of the Head Caretaker / staff / Board members, is distracting from the appearance or the maintenance of the cemetery; or pose a hazard to staff or visitors.

The Board will ensure the grounds and amenities are maintained; including drainage, mowing grass, trimming & removing existing trees/shrubs on the grounds (not on the gravesites) clearing snow before burials, fencing, gates, buildings, etc.

Family Responsibility

The family is responsible for maintenance and repair, or replacement, of headstones.

At the time of interment, cut flowers, wreaths and floral offerings may be place on graves, but may be removed by the family or caretaker when the tributes’ condition.

Personal items or tributes (cut flowers, wreaths and floral offerings) may be placed at the Cemetery in such a way that does not interfere with the maintenance of the Cemetery and are placed on or after May 10th and are removed by October 15th each year.

Personal items or tributes may be removed by the caretaker when condition deteriorates and detracts from the beauty of the Souris-Glenwood Cemetery or interferes with maintenance.

Cemetery clean-up occurs twice per year; each May and October.  All items, with the exception of headstone, must be removed from every grave in the cemetery:  artificial flowers, ornaments, solar lights, plant hooks, stuffed animals, etc., must be cleaned off.  

The Municipality, Cemetery Board, and staff is responsible for the care and maintenance of the cemetery, but is not responsible for loss of or damage to any marker, flower, holder, or any portable object place on any lot(s).