Animal Control

No animal within the Town of Souris shall:

  • Disturb the peace
  • Chase pedestrians, vehicles, horses, or any other animal
  • Bite or threaten to attack
  • Be off private properly unless on a leash or under the complete control of a guardian
  • Be at large
  • Be without a maintained regime of Rabies Vaccinations

Stoop and Scoop!
When off private property with your dog, the dogs guardian must always be in possession of a suitable device for gathering excrement. Excrement must be immediately removed by the care-giver.

This is only an overview of the most commonly enforced bylaws. For comprehensive information all of these issues, along with topics including licensing, dogs in heat, impound fees, recovery from impound, cruelty to animals, teasing confined animals, disposal of unclaimed animals and more contact the town office.

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