Souris Agate Pits

Please note:  The Souris Agate Pit is privately owned, and a permit is required through “The Rock Shop” in order to access the pit (204-483-2561). Guided tours of the Agate Pit are available through local independent business The Rock Shop. At certain times of the year, the pit is also operational as a gravel pit and can be dangerous.

Discover rare finds and unearth buried treasures when you visit the Souris Agate Pits.  Regarded as North America’s largest deposit of semi-precious gems, this twelve acre glacial deposit is known for agates, but the site has also yielded epidote, jasper, petrified wood and additional varieties of stones, unique to this area.

Rock hounds visit from all parts of the globe each year, seeking unique finds.  Escorted tours are open to the public each summer – available by appointment through the Rock Shop.  A site, where the less adventurous treasure hunter can find finished stones and novelties to commemorate your visit to Souris. The Rock Shop also features opportunities to get hands on with fossils and other finds already discovered from our pits.

Geologists are mystified by the wide variety of artifacts found here.  Fossils from the Paleozoic and Mesozoic era have been found here, preserved in shale or in limestone.  Among the unique specimens discovered here include teeth of Equuleus (ice age horses) and mammoths.

If you book a tour you can explore a deposit which is as rich in historical significance as it is gems.  The Souris Agate Pits offer a one of a kind souvenir that you can share with loved ones as you tell the tale of your find from the site.

School tours available by appointment.