Tours in Souris

Souris offers a number of great, exciting and educational tours for any age. Unearth buried treasure at the Souris Agate Pit where fossils and the largest assortment of semi-precious stones in North America can be found.

Step back in time by visiting the Hillcrest Museum.  See what life was like in the 1900s. With its wide variety of period displays, the “castle” overlooking the Souris River makes the past come alive. The property also houses a mounted butterfly collection, a small Agricultural Museum, as well as a vintage fire engine and caboose. Right across from the Hillcrest Museum is the renowned and historic Swinging Bridge of Souris. This bridge is Canada’s longest historical suspension bridge measuring 604 ft (184 meters). The bridge is open night and day, and now has lights to guide your way.

Experience first hand what it would be like to drive a train using the diesel engine simulator at the Souris Railway Museum. See the one-of-a-kind artifacts, historical records and memorabilia from those who worked on the railways. Alongside the Railroad Museum is The Plum. Acting as Souris’ Visitor & Information Centre  The Plum Museum and Visitor Centre is an 1883 heritage church building decorated in original Victorian colors of plum and chocolate brown. Housed within this tiny charming building is an digital interactive exhibit of the Swinging Bridge! A large 65″ Smart-Board showcases videos and images of the bridge and floods over its long history since first built in 1904.  Even test your bridge history knowledge by playing Bridge Jeopardy!

Don’t miss Victoria Park with its swimming pool that includes four water slides, beach-like entry slope and a lazy river, or the hiking trails to the Lookout Tower and Mystical Old Oak Tree. Victoria Park is a relaxing way to enjoy nature and your stay in Souris. If you enjoy flowers, then be sure to take a tour of Sadler’s Creekside Greenhouse and see the local plants and flowers being grown.

Tour Contacts
Please contact the following people to book your tour.

Tour Contact Name Phone Number Email Address 
Hillcrest Museum Connie Bradshaw  204-483-0173   
Agate Pit Frank Grabowski 204-720-2130  
The Plum Municipal Office 204-483-5219 [email protected]
The Souris Railway Museum   431-803-0074   
Victoria Park Pool Park Office 204-483-5212
204-483-5214 (Off Season)
[email protected]
Sadler’s Creekside Greenhouse Crystal Page 204-573-4452 [email protected]