Water & Sewer

Water Supply

Available to residents within the boundaries of the Town of Souris.

The Council of the Town of Souris owns and operates a municipal water plant and distribution pipeline to households within the town boundaries.  Supply is sourced underground from wells located east of the community.  

The treatment plant is located on 1st Street South.  You will find a Bulk Water distribution outlet at this location as well.  All Bulk Water must be prepaid at the Town office at which time you will be given an account and password.

Sewer System

Available to residents within the boundaries of the Town of Souris

The Town of Souris owns and operates a sewage disposal system.  Located on the east side of the community is the Treatment Plant. Households are either serviced with Low Pressure System or Gravity Flow.  All costs are included in quarterly water billings.  Low pressure systems maintain their own septic holding tanks and are responsible for solid waste disposal hauling costs.

Water & Sewer Locates

Locate Requests Must Include:

  • Location of locate
  • Sketch of locate
  • Reason for the locate, for example: sewer repair, auguring post holes etc.

Locate Clearance

Clearance is given once you have been contacted by the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood and a Locate Clearance Form is handed to you. DO NOT start digging before then.

To request a Water & Sewer Locate please fill out the Locate Request Form and email it to [email protected]. You can also stop by the Municipal office to fill out the Locate Request Form. If you should have any questions or concerns about water & sewer locates, please call the Public Works Department at 204-483-5217. 

For an after hours Public Works Emergency (Water and Sewer) please call 204-483-0705.

Public Water Annual Reports