Peacocks can be seen roaming freely in Souris. It’s important to note that “peacocks” are male,

“peahens” are female, “peafowl” mean both but we just call them all “peacocks”. These beautiful

birds are considered wild animals. Please do not feed, harass, or intentionally harm them.

If you spot an injured peacock, please contact the Town Office at 204-483-5200.

History of Peacocks in Souris

The first pair of peacocks were introduced to the bird sanctuary at Victoria Park in 1984. Since then, the population has fluctuated and been managed by the Victoria Parks Board and extra care from local man, Jim Ludlam.

During the devastating flood of 2011, the Bird Sanctuary was destroyed. The peacocks were released from the park and ventured to other areas of town. Since then the peacock has been recognized as an ambassador for our community. 

Souris has embraced the peacock in many ways. We enjoy celebrating Peacock Days in the summer, which is an event organized by the Souris & Glenwood Chamber of Commerce and the Souris-Glenwood Agricultural Society full of activities and a parade. Many shops carry peacock souvenirs and products also.



Where do the peacocks go for the winter?

The peacocks are kept in a heated barn in the park during the winter.

What do peacocks eat?

The peacocks eat wheat screenings from local grain processors, sunflowers, dry bread, and more. Peacocks go wherever food is in the warmer months. They can be seen foraging around town picking at plants and bugs. Residents are strongly discouraged from feeding the peacocks since this will cause them to roost in residential areas and it is way too noisy.

What happens if there are is a large increase in the peacock population?

When there is a large increase of peacocks some of the peacocks are sold or given away.

 and when are the peacocks collected for the winter?

Most are easy to entice to the barn without trapping. Bread crumbs are an easy way for us to lead them to the barn! If necessary we collect some peacocks with live traps. We start around October and November or when it starts getting cold. 

When and how did the peacocks arrive to Souris?

The peacocks first arrived in 1984. The pair of peacocks were donated to the park.

Why do the peacocks roam around town?

They have always somewhat roamed around town. In the 2011 flood their barn was destroyed and when they built the new barn the peacocks didn’t like the barn. They were displaced for a time, and when a bird is born in a certain place, they tend to go back to that spot.

What is a group of peacocks called?

A group of peacocks is called a “muster”.

Are peacocks friendly?

They are inquisitive birds, not prone to violence. Their squawks are very loud and tend to startle children – especially when a child is about the same height as the bird! The can be destructive, especially when they see their own reflection on shiny vehicles and storefront windows. They have been known to peck at vehicles, leaving scratches and dents.

What are humane ways to discourage peacocks from certain areas?

Peacocks will continue to gravitate to areas where they have an easy food source.  Residents should never feed them. Netting over flower beds and gardens can help limit access to food. Use of brightly coloured and fluttering streamers will discourage the birds. Water is very effective, and when paired with a motion detector sprinkler it creates a system that will force peacocks to move along. Some literature also suggests that red pepper chili flakes should be sprinkled in areas where they are not welcome.

Interesting tidbit! Souris is recognized for having peacocks. Peacocks are a native bird of India. Maud Sowden, wife of Fred Sowden (son of original settler Squire Sowden) grew up in England and India. She didn’t bring the peacocks to Souris, but years after she had lived here the birds would have been appreciated as a familiar sight for her.