Treasurer: Kim Eissner

Treasurer: Kim Eissner
Representing: Eissner Falcon Industries

Kim Eissner is a dedicated community advocate and esteemed board member of the Souris-Glenwood Chamber of Commerce.

Kim is a dynamic force in the local business landscape. As a partner alongside her husband in Falcon Enterprises and Tufts Machining, she has played a pivotal role in driving economic growth within our community. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to fostering business development are commendable.

As a mother of four grown children, Kim has experienced the joys and challenges of parenthood. With her kids nearly ready to spread their wings, she takes pride in their accomplishments. Beyond her family life, Kim’s interests are diverse: reading provides solace, true crime podcasts satisfy her curiosity, regular workouts keep her energized, gardening fulfills her connection to nature, and reality TV serves as an escape from daily demands.

Kim’s commitment to community service runs deep. Over the years, she has served on various boards, initially driven by her children’s sports and activities. However, her focus has evolved. Now, she dedicates her time to areas that ignite her passion, with the business community being one of them. As a board member of the Souris-Glenwood Chamber of Commerce, Kim actively contributes to shaping the economic landscape. Her vision aligns with seeing Souris-Glenwood thrive in all aspects. Having lived here for 25 years, Kim considers this town her true home—a place where she can champion the love for her community and promote its growth. Her unwavering dedication exemplifies the spirit of community advocacy.